After 2 posts about iDevice i had to post something about Android too :P

If you ever searched for Cyprus maps you will have probably seen my long updated tutorial about Sygic Mobile Maps for Android here. Well today i am going to give you another option if you are looking for a GPS navigation system for your Android device. This time is iGO MyWay and it has Cyprus and Greece maps included (more maps below).

.: Requirements :.

  • An Android Device (better if 2.3+) – the application is made for 800×480 but it will probably work for others too
  • around 10 minutes

.: Procedure :.

  1. Download this file: iGO MyWay for Android ( updated link )
  2. Mount ( connect ) your Android smartphone on your PC as a removable drive
  3. Transfer the file you downloaded in step 1 directly on the root of your sdcard (not inside any subfolder)
  4. Extract the file there and you should get a folder named iGO and inside it you should have 2 folders ( content, license) and a file named igo-amigo.apk
  5. Disconnect your device from the PC and using a file manager ( Astro, ES File Explorer, Root Explorer etc) navigate to your sdcard and go inside the iGO folder
  6. Now click on the file named igo-amigo.apk and install the application
  7. That’s it :P you should now have iGO installed on your phone ready to run. Launch it and see if it works


  • Error message: Maps are isolated
    Thanks to Sotiris for finding the cause to this error. To fix it you just need to change your starting position in settings before you try to get a route plan in Cyprus because the default starting point is in Greece.

Add Additional Maps

If you would like to add additional maps to your iGO the steps are as just easy as before. Also i cannot upload the whole Europe cause of its size so please request the maps you would like in comments section and i will respond as soon as i can ( and my connection too :P ).

  • Request the map you would like in the comments section. Every map i upload will be included in the list below so please check if it’s already uploaded before requesting
  • Download the compressed file for your country from the list below (it will be in .rar file) and extract it somewhere on your PC (remember where)
  • Inside the file there will be 2-3 files, according to the country ( .dem, .fbl, .poi )
  • The contents of the folder must be copied into the corresponding folders in your smartphone’s sdcard. The .fbl file must be copied inside the map folder in the iGO folder in your phone and the .poi file must be copied inside the poi folder
  • Mount ( connect ) your Android phone on your PC as a removable drive
  • Navigate to the iGO folder you created in step 4 from the procedure above and inside content you should locate the 3 folders we talked about in step above
  • Now just copy – paste the contents of the folder from the map file you downloaded in step 2 into the corresponding folder here
  • When you finish all the transferring i always recommend rebooting the phone. Launch iGO and you should have the newly added maps available

.: Maps Covered :.

  1. NavTeq 2011_Q2 maps (Eastern – Western Europe)
  2. TopMap 2011_Q3 (Eastern Europe)

Attention:: I recommend you trying Sygic Mobile Maps too and choose whether iGO is better for you since i found the Sygic maps more detailed and overall experience is better with Sygic. But it might just be me. Try both of them and decide which one you want. Sygic Mobile Maps for Cyprus is here.

Thanks for reading. If you had any problems comment below and i will try to help you.