Hello everyone :-P

It’s been a long time since my last post but now i am back and i hope that i won’t be so busy again and update the site regularly. Today i am going to tell you how you can install the “Sygic Mobile Maps 10″ into your smartphone, either Android, Symbian, WinMo.

I am from Cyprus and it’s very hard to find something GPS-like for my country so i am going to post this guide to make my country mate’s lives easier.

Update:: Links which are down will not be updated due to copyright issues!

Let’s begin :-)

  1. Create a folder named “sygic” without the quotes on the root of your SDCARD. (root means the directory when you open your sdcard, let’s say the sdcards letter is “x” the directory should be “x:\sygic” )

  2. Download one of the available Sygic Versions below:

    Android: Eclair (v8.07)FroYo (v8.14)GingerBread (v8.24) ( Eclair & FroYo too)
    Symbian: v8.07v8.24
    Winmo: v8.07v8.24

  3. Place the zip you downloaded inside the “sygic” folder you created in step 1.

  4. Right-Click it and choose “EXTRACT HERE”  (now you should have inside the sygic directory 1 setup file and 3 folders, MAPS, RES, DRIVE)NOTE:::: The winmo version has one more folder 2577, in my touch diamond 2 i didn’t need it so i deleted it but i put it as i found it. i think it’s for the old windows versions

  5. Now  using a file manager from your phone (Astro or Explorer for ANDROID which can be found in Market) locate the “setupandroid.apk“, “setupsymbian.sis” or “setupwinmobile.exe” according to your version and RUN it to install the App. (You should have a new app named “Mobile Maps 10″ now)

  6. Run the application, it will ask you to ACTIVATE your map. Choose the right option to “Activate”. It will give you 2 options now: Choose “Manual with activation code”. Proceed as it says until it gives you a DEVICE ID (write it down somewhere on a paper)
    – Please if you don’t see a deviceID but only a dash (-) read this.
  7. Using your PC now access your memory card and go into the “MAPS” folder and locate “SygicKG.exe

  8. RUN the keygen file mention above and click the “BROWSE” button. Now locate the “SMM10 Europe.mlm” file located into the MAPS folder again and make it the selection for the box.

  9. In the DEVICE ID box type in the code you got from the application when we run it in step 6 (also check box for 8.16 version if that’s the one used), then click GENERATE.

  10. Write down this code as this is your REGISTRATION code you will enter in the app wizard in order to register the app. Return to the phone and run the application. Register it with the code we got from the step above and you should now have a fully working GPS navigation program with CYPRUS & GREECE maps installed.

PLEASE check your activation code carefully. It is correct, I successfully installed it on more than 20 phones and more than 1000 people downloaded it without problems. The main reason for wrong entries are the zeros ( 0 ) and the omikrons ( O ). I can’t do anything about it so please don’t email me when you have wrong activation code. It’s either wrongly typed or you have made a mistake in the precedure.

I hope i was descriptive and detailed.For any problem or question don’t hesitate to ask me. Just post a comment and i will answer you ASAP. Especially Cyprus friends who are searching for Cyprus Maps. Foreign users can have this too and add more maps later.

Thanks for reading :-)

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Many users requested maps for other countries than Cyprus and Greece. You can request them through the comments and i will try to give them to you soonest possible.
Please use the steps below to activate your new maps:

  1. First of all you must create a folder into the Maps folder and its name should be your country in 3 letter abbreviation, eg. Cyprus = cyp, Greece = grc
  2. Then you must update the “SMM10 Europe.mlm” file. Open it with notepad and you will notice the place where i have Cyprus and Greece maps listed. There you should add or remove if you want the map you don’t want anymore.
  3. If you need to add, just place a comma ‘,’ after the last listed map and then add your own, eg. TA:ITA:2011:05 with the same format “MAPS_TYPE:COUNTRY:YEAR.MONTH” you will have the fields from where you downloaded the maps.
  4. Now that you have your map inside its folder in Maps folder and updated .mlm file you are set to go. Just re open Mobile Maps 10 and it will ask you to Activate. Just follow steps 6-10 and you should be fine.

Smartphones without Sdcard

Many users who have smartphones without sdcards may face problems when at the Device ID stage. User @Trepid Axis suggested a method and claims it works. I don’t have such phone but you could try it.
Inside Drive folder open Android and with a text editor add the following line:
“Device=imei” in the configuration file settings.ini
Wish you luck.

Updated 03/01/2013
- New Version of Cyprus and Greece maps at http://www.sygic.gr/updates/index.html

Updated 6/04/2011
- NEW version of Mobile Maps: Sygic Mobile Maps 8.24 (supports latest OSs including newest Gingerbread in Android)
- Updated maps for Cyprus and Greece (both updated to 03/2011)
- Guide in order to add your own maps
- REMEMBER to check the box (8.16 version) in keygen if you download these new versions

Updated 20/12/2010
Cyprus Updated Map: 2010.09

To install the new map just replace it in the cyp folder inside MAPS and then change the .mlm file accordingly. You should change the date to 2010.09 for Cyprus entry. If the program ask you for a new key just run the keygen and enter the new DeviceID.

ATTENTION: the password for the new Cyprus maps is “steve777″ without the quotes.

Updated 24/7/2010
ok i reuploaded the complete winmo version with the settings.ini file included for more convenience….the settings.ini file can be downloaded seperate for users who have the previous version from the link below.
WINMO version SETTINGS.INI (you should place this file in the same folder as the 4 folders inside the full zip)

Updated 23/7/2010
i added the settings.ini file i accidently forgot to upload for the winmo users as a separate download until i upload the full zip with the settings. ini file included.
you should place the settings.ini file in the same directory as the setupwinmo.exe and the 4 folders.

Updated 22/7/2010
Android 2.2 FroYo Version added in Downloads for users who upgraded their phones to the latest android version.